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by Nadia Kumentas November 16, 2017 0 Comments

Hello Internet Gold. 

Ok, so obviously I love GIFs (who doesn't) and I'm a sucker for hilariously open and spot-on comments on anything sexual /women's health / LIFE. I thought I'd do you a little favour and compile my top 5 favourite times when the internet just got us gals (and okok I know, it's a lot of Buzzfeed, but they really kill it). 

You're welcome.  

ONE:  13 Things That Are Only Relatable If You Have A Vagina

If you have a vagina, you need to read this — you can't tell me this has never happened to you: 

#2   You heard one horror story about toxic shock syndrome (TSS) as a teen and you were never able to get it out of your head.

*Mentally counts the hours your tampon has been in*

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TWO:  35 GIFs That Perfectly Display The Utter Awfulness of Getting a UTI 

ALL THE HEAD NODS. Featuring gems such as:  


THREE:  What Do Women Do To Prepare For Sex? These 13 Things, According To Reddit 

Guaranteed to make you legitimately LOL and nod your head at the same time.  A little taste: 

#3 : The Extra Panties

uti tretament, uti prevention, d-mannose and utis

#4 Toothbrushing

uti treatment, uti prevention, mingo

FOUR:  17 Moments Everyone With A Vagina Has Experienced While Masturbating

I love it when Buzzfeed kills it like this — #9 says it all: 

9.   When the porn is kind of questionable, but you're kind of curious

uti tretament, uti prevention, d-mannose and utis


FIVE:  19 Things You Know If Your Urinary Tract Gets Infected A Lot

Of course I saved one of the best for last (since you know us Mingo Flamingo's are all about fighting evil UTI's) *Sees a girl drinking cranberry juice* I'm so sorry, I feel your pain.


#6   You've also downed entire cartons of cranberry juice, only to find out it's utterly useless against UTIs.

recurrent utis, frequent utis, uti treatment, mingo

#11   The moment after sex basically always involves a debate in your head about whether or not you should get out of bed to pee.

recurrent utis, frequent utis, uti treatment, mingo

I really hope you enjoyed those as much as I did.  Here's to all the ladies on the internet speaking ALL THE TRUTH.  


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Nadia Kumentas
Nadia Kumentas

Dr. Nadia Kumentas ND is a Toronto based naturopathic doctor, writer, and the co-founder of Mingo Health—a natural and effective UTI preventative. She's also a tea drinker, animal lover, and plant enthusiast. Follow her on twitter @DrNadiaKumentas.

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