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Mingo - UTI Prevention Drink Mix (3 Pack, 45 Servings)

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Mingo drink mix is your ultimate UTI defence.

Professionally formulated by scientists, doctors, and UTI sufferers to deliver a therapeutic dose of d-mannose whenever you need it. Oh, and it's delicious.

mingo drink mix Formulated to really work. D-mannose actively prevents pesky bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract and causing infections.

mingo drink mix Refreshing lemon-lime flavour. Only natural flavours, colours, and sweeteners. Sugar-free.

mingo drink mix Portable, single serve sticks. The perfect amount of easy to mix powder with 2000 mg of D-Mannose in each serving. 

mingo drink mix No scary stuff, and no filler.Active ingredients that support the immune system and prevent irritation.




      • Pour > Mix > Drink. Tear open and dissolve 1 packet of Mingo drink mix in 500mL water (yeah, it's that simple)
      • Go HERE to learn how often you should take Mingo.

        mingo drink mix directions

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        We promised ourselves to keep it simple. We’re proud to be able to list every ingredient here, in order of volume:
        • *D-Mannose (2,000 mg) actively targets UTI causing bacteria ( learn more here)
        • *Sodium citrate (1500 mg) to regulate acidity and help ease irritation
        • *Citric acid helps bring it all together and adds some zest
        • *Vitamin C (600 mg) helps boost immune function
        • *Vitamin B6 (10 mg) promotes peeing to flush out bacteria (pyridoxine hydrochloride)
        • Beta-carotene adds a hint of natural colour (plant extract)
        • Natural lemon-lime flavour provides a refreshing circus taste 
        • Stevia sweetens the natural lemonade taste (there's NO aftertaste, we promise)
        • Silica ensures the ingredients flow and dissolve (natural mineral)

        uti tretament, uti prevention, d-mannose and utis


        • D-mannose is a tasteless, odourless powder about 10-50 times stronger (in the right ways) than cranberry. It’s safe and kind to your system, no serious adverse effects. 
        • D-mannose is easy to take — just make sure you’re taking at least 2,000 mg (or 2 grams), as that’s the proven therapeutic dose. The other key component is water because you need to pee for the bacteria to be flushed out of your system.
        • With MINGO, we’ve mixed 2,000 mg of d-mannose with a few other supportive ingredients like Vitamin C to boost immune function and Vitamin B6 to help you pee, and then added some natural lemon-lime flavour to make it taste AWESOME and easy to take all in a glass of water.  READ MORE HERE >

          uti tretament, uti prevention, d-mannose and utis

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